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Empower your workers and make better informed decision with Extensys rock solid, Unified Communication Solutions.

What is Unified communications? It’s the communications between PC’s, work desktops, personnel laptops, computer peripherals, mobile work force, thin clients, customers, PDA’s, mobile smart phones, multiple voicemail boxes, text messaging, work email, personal email, social media, we are inundated with an ever increasing deluge of communications options.

  • Does your current communication systems notify your mobile devices?
  • Does it deliver your important message to your email or texts your mobile devices?
  • Can you securely access your work computers from your mobile phone or tablet?
  • Does your desktop live in the cloud?

All these communication devices are meant to bring people closer together. Don’t let your current communications isolate you from other workers, or tear you apart from what’s important. The Extensys unified communications experienced team empowers better collaboration by designing and implementing one solution for voice, email, messaging, conferencing, and more. The unified communications solution will incorporate with all business critical software applications. Our Extensys led unified communications utilization will unify all components of your company anytime, allowing for up-to-date real-time unified communications and empowering decision making. Let Extensys, qualified solution engineers, help your business with a solid unified communications system that will boost profits and improve your overall effectiveness.

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