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Technology Computer Services

Technology Computer Services That Ignite Performance and Efficiency:Extensys offers deep expertise in computer networks and technology infrastructure services that support multiple areas of your company–. For example, help desk support, server management, unified communications, computer security services, disaster recovery, and cloud integration. Our complete computer network solutions drive quickness, productivity and efficiency that will help clients reach improved business application performance.

Computer Services and Managed Technology Expertise to ensure your business is successful:Extensys team is committed to helping your businesses regardless of industries, and will respond to your support needs and computer problems in an order of importance by the ticket urgency. In addition, we can work with existing computer networks, expanding networks, or establishing new networks to support business growth.

Every business requires a different solution, but our core network solutions and infrastructure services include: Server Management, Computer Network Management/Design, Enterprise computer Solutions, End user support, and the overall health business’s  Infrastructure.  Extensys will start out with a baseline assessments of your current infrastructure and identify main concerns, fix problems, and optimize applications that will support new business solutions or streamline for better performance.

Virtualization: Extensys team can help with either a Microsoft virtual environment or VMware software solution. Both these software solutions provide management tools that will give organizations an advantage of utilizing virtual environments that are highly cost effective, secure, and scalable.

Computer Staff Support, Help Desk Support, and Managed Computer Services: We believe in supporting your current staff support and managed services are best matched for business in need of computer skills that are dedicated on day-to-day IT and software application maintenance. Our managed services program provides your business high-level IT management without the need for an outsource employee staffing company’s.

Extensys IT professionals average 25 years of technology expertise, and our managed services programs have a guaranteed service level agreement: Our highly skilled computer support team performs scheduled maintenance, and offer three levels of response (High, Critical, Urgent, Non Urgent): Either your company employees can put in computer issues via telephone, remote system access or on-site remediation.

Extensys has the experience for designing new Technical Architecture, or working with networks already in place:

Extensys computer infrastructure team offers an extensive variety of IT assessment and network architecture services to help your company has better insight into your business infrastructure. In addition, our professional staff will complete a complete a thorough assessment of your existing technology infrastructure. By gathering further insights of your current infrastructure, we will discuss with you and your team our findings. Lastly, Extensys will create a detailed project plan, and implement a viable solution that will support your business objectives.

Local Area Network or Wide Area Network Management: Our network management support service includes gathering and accumulating dynamic information about your business computer infrastructure, business policies and of course the use of best practices. Extensys Network Managed Services team will discuss with you and design a manageable area network, and automate IT operations in order to cut costs, improve computer system performance, and enhance the end users experience.

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