Cisco ASA with FirePOWER

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Cisco ASA with FirePOWER

Extensys provides high level technology solutions to improve the business and end user experience. Offices in Tampa Bay , Miami, Florida. 855-381-3909

Cisco Call Manager

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Cisco Call ManagerCisco Unified Communications Manager (also called Call Manager) is an integral component of Cisco Unified Communications solution. Cisco Call Manager is an application that controls calls in a collaborative scenario among users with diverse requirements of tools and resources. Cisco Call Manager has evolved to its current 10.5 version with state-of the-art features and capabilities. Geared to an … Read More

Cisco Unified Communications | Call Manager

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Cisco Unified Communications has evolved to offer voice, video, web applications (including data) delivering an easy-to-use, media-rich collaborative experience to users. Mainly designed for small- and mid-size and enterprise level businesses, Cisco Unified Communications provides a high level of security, resilience, and scalability of the communications network enabling users in any workspace to connect with anyone, anywhere, anyway, anytime.  In addition … Read More

Email Security and Business Security Policies

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Email security and business Policy should dictate that electronic payments should be verified over the phone no matter how much credible information is provided in the email.  Modifications to electronic payments should be scrutinized even harder.  Make sure your accounting department gets Security Awareness Training and monitor their systems and accounts extra close for tampering. Here are a couple … Read More

CUSTOMER SECURITY ALERT: Customers running Linux/MAC

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Security AlertThere is a new security alert that you will likely be hearing about in the coming days called ShellShock.  It is just as big as Heartbleed in relation to the number of systems that need to be patched however the threat landscape (systems actually in danger) is smaller because only systems running cgi-bin web-code or ssh are remotely vulnerable. … Read More

How to protect yourself from phishing scams

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9.5 times our of 10 the answer is ‘No don’t open that one’! WARNING: As is always the case in security this is not a 100% guarantee. A brand new vulnerability (called a zero-day) may not be recognizable by any AV/Malware detection software. So use common sense as well. Please feel free to share this with Customers/Friends/Family. Unfortunately we humans … Read More

Unified Communications Company In Tampa

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Cisco Unified Communications provides a high-quality, extremely protected experience throughout any work space, which can help your company: Cisco Unified Communications utilizes the network as a platform for collaboration, enabling you to deploy applications on-site, on-demand, along with mixed implementation models. The product portfolio includes: Extensys provides high level technology solutions to improve the business and end user experience. Offices … Read More

Tampa Managed IT Service Provider

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Managed IT Service

Managed IT Service ProviderWith the ever changing of business technologies, it’s become essential to keep up with the latest computer software as well as other technical elements for a successful business enterprise to operate smoothly. To be able to sustain constant success, it is always better incorporate the services of a managed IT service provider, rather than bothering high end … Read More

Hiring the Right Managed Information Technology Company

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Hiring the Right Managed Information Technology Company

Managed Information Technology CompanyIf you are a small business owner with technologies services decisions to decide on, you might be asking yourself if you should focus on Hiring a Managed Information Technology Company, assembling a group of IT experts, expanding your existing staff, or contracting with a third-party group of computer and network support professionals. While having your own workers handle … Read More

VOIP Company in Tampa Bay | Cisco

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Unified Communications

VOIPYou probably heard of this Term, but do you know the full functions of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and what are the benefits for Your Business  and consumers alike. For many individuals, Internet Protocol and VOIP are offer more than a way to transport data, it’s also a process that bridges and streamlines a wide range of commercial applications. Telephony is the … Read More

Data Center Consultant Company in Tampa

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Data Center ConsultantData centers provide a security blanket knowing that your business data is secure; this is something which is all but obvious. But what form of data? Data centers provide data pertaining to technologies and also provide support of facilities that are needed while implementing the data. Data center consultants are those professionals which help or assist numerous people … Read More

Disaster Recovery Company in Tampa

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Disaster RecoveryTo recover lost data is a tough job. To store data is another tough one. But does that stop us from recovering and storing? No? Then what stops us? The idea of relocation? Well, that is no more a problem. With a specific analytical and strategic disaster recovery and data centers help, nothing is a problem anymore. All one … Read More

Information Security Company in Tampa Bay

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Information security

Information security is often termed as Info Sec in the short form. To define in simple terms what exactly does information security mean is, the infrastructure to protect and/or defend the information from an unwarranted or arbitrary usage, disclose of the same, or inspection, modifying or any sort of distortion of the same. Any unauthorized admittance or access of the … Read More

Managed Technology Service Company in Tampa

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what is infrastructure management services

Managed TechnologyIt is important to welcome the much needed new age technologies to have a better work  environment, and using an experienced Managed Services provider. Life is smooth with the helping hands like that of managed services, as work turns efficient, hassle free and economic, and invites more space for innovation and creativity. Managed Technology , if seen categorically, are important … Read More

The Future of The CIO, Managed Services

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Managed ServicesIn today’s changing technology climate CIO’s are no longer solely measured by “up time” and “keeping the lights on”.  Now they’re being looked at in regard to their overall value in moving an organization forward, helping the organization and individual business units achieve strategic goals. Extensys ExCloud managed services gives CIO’s the time back to focus on innovation.  It … Read More