Relocating your company’s core systems can seem a daunting undertaking. In fact, the fear of the task itself is often the reason companies continue to accept the risk and postpone relocating to a safer environment. Whether you are relocating a single server or an entire data center, Extensys will help calm your fears and do the heavy lifting involved with relocating your mission-critical systems to a facility, perform a data center design, and plan.

  • Analysis of environmental components such as location, HVAC, racks, ladders, wiring, and power
  • Customized moving strategy
  • Data center floor design for optimum use of space and facilities
  • Ensure existing service level agreements (SLA) are maintained with minimal downtime
    Ensure complete and safe hardware shutdown and power up
  • Application of patches and operating system (OS) updates
  • Complete network wiring for all configurations
  • Prepackaging and hardware preparation utilizing best practices for both the desktop and server components
  • Hardware preparation and reconfiguration planning
  • Coordinating logistical components such as relocation personnel, transportation, packaging, location, and timing
    Insurance analysis and quotes for device relocation