Extensys employs highly qualified, industry-experienced, and certified Network and Security Solutions consultants that work with your team to analyze your network and security requirements. Our consultants then apply their experience along with industry and vendor best practices to ensure a highly adaptable, secure, and manageable network design.

In today’s day and age, it is paramount that networks be highly adaptable to the ever-changing requirements placed upon them by users, applications, and security threats. These requirements may be to support dense network bandwidths (i.e.,10/40/100Gbps), network virtualization, services orchestration, Network Access Control (NAC), or Malware detection, to name a few. No matter what the requirement, if a network is designed properly it should be able to adapt to current and future requirements.


In today’s business environment, information is continually moving among employees, partners, and customers. The complexity of virtualized environments, proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices, and Web 2.0 requires an integration company that understands how to design security solutions that are robust as well as manageable.

Extensys provides highly qualified Network and Information Security Consultants who work closely with our customers to discover, analyze, and remediate network and host-based security threats.


In many cases a proper network design is often an afterthought. This lack of pre-planning typically results in costly network redesigns in order to provide the required features and performance your business applications and end-users demand. Extensys will deploy a resilient network to meet the requirements of your organization.

  • Internal & External BGP
  • EIGRP,  OSPF, and ISIS
  • Fabric Path
  • Spanning Tree​


With the proliferation of wireless devices in the workforce, wireless networks have gone from a “nice to have” to mission critical network components. As with wired networks, wireless networks must be properly sized and designed to ensure adaptability to current and future requirements.

Extensys offers a plethora of wireless solutions that range from small and mid-sized company deployments to Nationwide Enterprise solutions that utilize advanced OEM and eco-partner features. Additionally, Extensys offers an array of passive, active, and/or predictive site surveys to ensure the wireless network is properly designed and deployed.