Is your Disaster Recovery Plan Bullet Proof

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Disaster Recovery Plan

In the event of a Disaster can your business recover, or afford any disruption of technology services? You would be amazed on the number of businesses that are faced with risks of interruption every year, at the cost of lost data and subsequent lost business revenue.   Furthermore, many business do not even have a disaster recovery plan in place for their core business units.

Extensys will assist in developing and implementing a disaster recovery plan to assure your business’ compliance and growth. In addition, Extensys solution engineers will work with your team to get a better understanding of your software applications, and network requirements. Also, we will document how your technology department can assist in meeting these requirements.

Extensys will then examine and document your business’ risk thresholds and the foreseen impact of a disruption to any of your business workflows and processes.   Extensys will develop or modify a solution by integrating a disaster recovery/business continuity plan that fits the needs of your operation.  The tools included in your plan are service level agreements and recovery time objectives. Extensys will provide a documented set of policies and procedures that will be provided to your business to follow, in the event of a technology outage.  Extensys can bullet proof your business and protect your business from disruption or minimize the loss of revenue.

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