Extensys offers a wide range of compute solutions to fit the requirements of your IT organization.  We have experience in all types of compute devices to ensure a successful solution.

  • Standalone
  • Blade
  • Hyperconverge
  • HP-UX


As your business expands, storage needs increase. This increase can be a result of increases in email usage, multiple copies of virtual machines and snapshots, digitized documents, and video captures. The issues surrounding the need for more storage capacity can be resolved in several ways. One such way is by augmenting your storage hardware with various storage technologies. Extensys can address your increased storage requirements by determining the needs of your business and mapping those needs back to the appropriate storage solutions.


Organizations are rapidly adopting virtualization to adapt to changing business requirements and reduce IT operating expenses. This new paradigm offers many benefits to your business, such as decreased downtime, faster and more flexible provisioning, secure and robust systems, and higher capacity utilization, as well as various cost savings. A virtualized infrastructure reduces physical servers, data center space, network port requirements, and associated power and cooling costs.