To the Cloud or Not

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To the Cloud or Not

Move your business to the cloud

Well if only the answer was as clear as yes or no. Unfortunately like most things in life there are too many variables for this to be a simple yes or no. I think it is safe to say that most cloud platforms have proven themselves to be stable and are worthy of consideration in the overall IT strategic plan of any organization. However reaching the decision of what to send to the cloud and what not– well that’s a bit harder of a decision.

Leverage the Cloud

Most organizations will leverage the cloud in some fashion and will end up with a hybrid model of cloud and on premise. The methodology on how to develop this is a bit easier than one might think. Every IT organization needs to take a good internal look and ask the question “What are my sacred cows?” Simply said what do I absolutely have to maintain direct control over and what can I put in a different model????

Answering this question is not as simple as defining critical applications. You have to really look at the services you supply your business units and ask hard questions such as:

  • Am I meeting expectations?
  • Am I reacting as quickly as they need me too?
  • Am I sacrificing innovation for arbitrary control?
Is the Cloud an ideal solution for your business?

Once you start having an honest conversation with your business units you will be able to define what you need to maintain and what you need to broker out. Remember the cloud value proposition isn’t just a matter of savings– it is equally about expansion of services and more efficient delivery of those services.

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