What Do I Move To The Cloud First?

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What Do I Move To The Cloud First?

Is the Cloud for Me?

OK,  so you have done the legwork and now know what you need to keep in house and what you can leverage the cloud for, but what should go first?  I believe it is safe to say that cloud email is a trusted delivery model at this point.  Well if you are like most organizations email is probably on your list for the cloud as it should.

Cloud Email

Cloud Email made your list because of the large piece of your budget that is dedicated to maintaining and administering it.  I mean let’s face it- the architecture of email  has been pretty set for a number of years now, not a lot of innovation to be gained, but it is a mission critical service that needs to be supported.  Your cost adds up between, software, hardware, storage, anti-virus, anti-spam, and let’s not forget the cost of staff to support it.  So I say get out of the email business and get in into the cloud! At the very least it should be in consideration to be your first service moved to the cloud.

You’re already using the cloud

If you really think about it we have been dealing with cloud email in our personal lives forever -with the likes of Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Gmail, etc. Of course now cloud email comes with seamless integration. By leveraging providers like Microsoft and their 365 offering you can use the same productivity tools (i.e. OUTLOOK) that you are so used to using but have a fully available, supported,  and redundant email system accessible securely from anywhere at anytime at a predictable cost. It doesn’t get much better than that!
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