This simple cartoon demonstrates the power of an Extensys IoT solution.

Imagine a fire alarm goes off in a high school…… Does your solution do the following?

  • Automatically alert administrators not only of a fire but the exact pull station or sensor that tripped the alarm?
  • Automatically send audio and text messages to connected speakers and message boards with more detailed information as to the location of the emergency?
  • Automatically display Video Surveillance from the specific cameras in the area to the security monitoring station?
  • Automatically Initiate a conference call between the office and the rooms closest to the fire alarm?
    Generate green lights on the safe exit path and red flashing lights on the direction not to exit?

The Extensys solution is the safest solution on the market with proven results for making an environment safer!

Watch the four skits below for a better understanding.

Skit One

The day starts off just like any other…. Until….

Skit Two

Pull station activated but
who knows where?

Skit Three

Intelligent systems automatically share important information…..

Skit Four

Interconnected systems work
together to enhance solution.